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Professional Summary


Talented Composer adept at providing artistic direction to musicians and writing music scores for films and  video games. Excellent verbal and written communication abilities with strong transpositions and transcription skills. Committed to encourage creative musical thinking and arranging music to create a unique and original score. 






  • Songwriter

  • Musical score writing

  • Music editing

  • Keyboard, Synthesizer, Trumpet/Baritone player 






Work History

Freelance Composer

Freelance – Miami, FL


  • Consulted with directors and producers to determine placement of musical cues and coordinate artistic visions

  • Filled in details of orchestral sketches such as adding vocal parts to scores.

  • Determined voices, instruments, harmonics structures, rhythms, tempos and tone balances required to achive effects desired in each musical composition.

  • Score compositions for consistency with instrumental and vocal capabilities.

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